Hello all and Welcome to my Paper World

I have finally decided to share my work with the world.  Paper crafting is so much fun but after you make so many different projects you start asking yourself, if this is so much fun, and you like what you have made, maybe others will too?  I know there are so many other paper craft blogs out there but maybe, just maybe I will be able to add a little something that can help you or encourage you to do the same, to share and make things that will delight whoever you make them for.

I know I am excited today as I just sold another Folio album on ebay, it’s always exciting when someone else likes your work enough to purchase it.  I love making the folio albums they are so easy and fun.  I found the idea many months ago so I don’t know who to give credit to but in no way am I claiming to have come up with the idea.  I copied it off a site on the internet, if I remember who I found it from I will certainly give credit.  

Featured image

Send me a message if you would like the directions.  I will try to make a word document of the instructions. 


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